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Grace United Urban Ministries exists to inspire and lead a movement to restore the urban core and transform neighborhoods by ministering to the homeless, the addicted, and the broken. Our programs and outreaches are designed to demonstrate the love of Christ and affirm people of their value to God and each other. Our mission is to find the invisible and the outcast to bring healing, transformation, and restoration, so they can live free from every bondage in healthy relationships, with jobs, in homes, and discover how to live as Heavenly Father designed and equipped each of them. Our goal is to inspire people to get involved in transforming the urban core not just in spiritual things but to the whole man, in order to see cities changed one neighborhood, and one life at a time.


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Radical Life Mentoring Podcast

The Radical Life Mentoring Podcast is designed for support those who are on the front-lines mentoring out of their hurt, pain, and trauma, their broken relationships, addictions, and even homelessness. If you are actively mentoring people, or have it in your heart to mentor people back to wholeness then tune in and let's tune up those skills. Learn More

Radical Life Transformation

Our Radical Life Transformation Program is designed to help you heal and recover from all kinds of pain and trauma from your past, any addictions, and the self-imprisonment of negative thinking and self-limiting thoughts that keep you from being who you were designed to be, and even the despair and isolation of homelessness.  It doesn’t matter if you are white collar, homeless, or anything in between, the Radical Life Transformation Program is a safe place to be honest with yourself and learn to be transparent with others while you rediscover who you really are. Learn More

Radical Life Affirmations Podcast

The Radical Life Affirmations Podcast will kick-off in early July. It is designed to support people being mentored into a transformed life. We want to be part of your support network. Learn More

Good Samaritan Street Ministry

We look for homeless camps in underserved areas of the metro Oklahoma City area and simply meet people where they are in everyday life. We serve hot meals in the winter and lighter fare in the summer, collect casual clothing and hand it out along with personal care products.  Real simply, we find real broken people to treat with love and respect and help meet their basic needs, while demonstrating the love of Jesus Christ. Learn More

Directory of Resources

If you are homeless, in addiction, or have a need in some other area, check out our on-line directory of ministries, government services, and non-profits to find assistance in the greater metro OKC area. Learn More

Grace Transformation House

A Grace Transformation House is a place to do life with your house family and the the staff and volunteers of Grace United Urban Ministries. It is a dedicated time to experience what it is like again to have a support network. It is both a place and a time to re-evaluate your life, heal from your past, prove you can live clean, go through a radical life transformation in all areas, and feel what it is like to have acceptance stability. Learn More

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