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Our Theology

Our "We Believe" Summary

A Simplified Summary of Fundamental Spiritual Beliefs

1.     The Bible is a revelation of Jesus Christ that we call the Word of God. It reveals the attributes of God, the love of God for man as His creation, and the total victory of Jesus Christ as the light of the world and the life of men over every power of sin and death.

2.     There is one God, Jehovah Elohim, the all- powerful, creative, covenant keeping, self-revealing God. God chooses to express Himself as the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit. All of creation exists in and through God to fulfill His purposes. 

3.     Man was created of earthen material with the life of God in him. The first man Adam was originally sinless and commanded to mature and experience the glory of God in totality or in all the earth. God gave Adam choice, to live as one with Him or pursue earthy wisdom and self-knowledge outside of Him. Adam chose to leave union with God from the Tree of Life and pursue the carnal wisdom of the Tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil. This act of living apart from God was the original sin. Thus, Adam fell into humanity which was the curse of sin and as the federal head of the whole human race, began to experience a living hell, which is separation from the glory of being in union with Father God.

4.     God came into the earth to reconcile fallen man through His son Jesus. The virgin birth brought about the man Jesus as the Christ of God. While Jesus lived as Adam in the flesh, he walked in complete obedience to the heavenly Father. Jesus took on himself the sin of all Adam and mankind at the crucifixion and in the resurrection demonstrated victory over death, hell, and the grave. We see the iniquity or nature of sin that came by the first Adam was destroyed in Jesus as the last Adam.

5.     As Adam was the federal head of humanity, Christ became the federal head of the new man after the death of Adam at Calvary. Each man comes to experience the finished work of Christ by faith or agreement with God.  As men become aware of and by faith agreement walk in what has been done for them at Calvary, they lose the consciousness of sin and become aware of the glory or the nature and character of God within them, living out in the body what they “be” in the spirit. The kingdom of God is manifested in the earth as men begin to live as who God designed and created them, rather than living in the bondage and limitations of human wisdom or religion. 

6.     The true Church is a people who have come out of thinking and acting as Adam. The Church gathers to love one another, mature in Christ and to trumpet the finished work of Christ to those who have not experienced or understand the work of Calvary. The Church demonstrates and grows in the grace of God that flows out of the total victory of Christ at Calvary and thus has no need to look for an escape from the evil on earth.

7.     The purposes of God can be summarized as being one with His creation, restoring all things, and seeing His glory made known in all the earth.

This is a time, when men who have been divided by church doctrine and tradition, can come together around the understanding of the finished work of Christ at Calvary, which is available for all men to experience personally right now.