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Vision Mission

Why We Exist:

  1. Grace United Urban Ministries exists to inspire and lead a movement to restore the urban core and transform neighborhoods by ministering to the homeless, the addicted, and the broken.
  2. Our programs and outreaches are designed to demonstrate the love of Christ and affirm people of their value to God and each other.
  3. Our mission is to find the invisible and the outcast to bring healing, transformation, and restoration, so they can live free from every bondage in healthy relationships, with jobs, in homes, and discover how to live as Heavenly Father designed and equipped each of them.

What We Do:

  1. We conduct our Radical Life Transformation Mentoring and Training Program in groups of individuals committed to their own radical life transformation to be healed, whole, and free with a new life plan. 
  2. We conduct our Radical Life Transformation Program to raise up mentors (our goal is 1,000) to heal and restore broken people and expand into new neighborhoods and new cities.
  3. We work together with those of like-minded mission, and do outreach directly to homeless camps to feed, clothe, encourage, build relationships, and seek out those ready to begin their own process of restoration.
  4. We operate a Resource Center where the homeless, addicted, and broken can gather for client services, clothing, showers, hot meals, mentoring, and life coaching.
  5. We operate Grace Transformation houses where those who are ready to leave the street or situations of entrapment or abuse, can live in a safe place and focus on getting restored back into regular society and their own adult independence.
  6. We conduct special Outreaches during Thanksgiving and Christmas to feed holiday meals and provide family type support in these critical mental health times of the year.

In The Near Future We Will:

  1. Purchase a food truck to feed in the streets and assist in urban area emergencies.
  2. Purchase a mobile shower trailer to serve the homeless and assist in urban area emergencies.
  3. Buy a house in a ghetto area, train a young pastor to live in that house, and pastor a neighborhood with love and service.
  4. Buy a warehouse type facility to convert into a church designed just for street people.

Our Goal:

Our goal is to inspire people to get involved in transforming the urban core not just in spiritual things but to the whole man, in order to see cities changed one neighborhood and one life at a time.