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Grace United Urban Ministries is a 501(c)3 ministry and charitable organization working in the social service arena to love and heal broken people, especially the homeless and addicted, and re-integrate them into regular society. We believe that together with our partners and fellow ministries and charitable entities, we can change a city, one neighborhood, and one life at a time.

Financial Gifts

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The possibilities are endless with planned giving. You can make your gift work smarter through purposeful financial and estate planning. We want to help you maximize the impact of your gift in a way that is most beneficial to you.

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Physical Items You Can Donate to Support
Good Samaritan Street Ministry and the Resource Center

Clothing Items
Jeans (esp. Men’s Waist 32-36)
T-Shirts / Polo Shirts
Underwear / Long Underwear
Socks / Thermal Socks
Casual Shoes / Work Boots
Sweatshirts / Hoodies
Winter Hats / Scarves / Gloves
Belts / Ball Caps / Sunglasses
Pajama Pants / Sweatpants
Raincoats / Umbrellas
Backpacks / Purses
Neck Bandanas (w/ or w/o Cooling Gel)
Black Pants & White Shirts
PLEASE: Only Items Clean & In Good Repair
Blankets / Pillows / Sleeping Bags
Sleeping Bags / Tents / Tarps
Flashlights / Batteries (AA / AAA / 9V)
Candles / Matches / Charcoal
Hand Warmers – Sam’s $15.98 36ct
Personal Care Items
Toilet Paper / Kleenex Tissues
Lysol Wipes / Hand Sanitizer
Small Bar Soaps
Shampoo / Combs / Hairbrushes
Toothpaste – Toothbrushes / Dental Floss
Disposable Razors / Shaving Cream
Perfume / Cologne
Make-up / Nail Clippers / Nail Polish
Women’s Feminine Hygiene Products
Chap Stick / Lip Balm
Hydrogen Peroxide / Neosporin
Band Aids / Gauze / Tape
Individual Packages (Pain & Allergy Meds)
Sunscreen / Bug Repellent
Sewing Kits / Safety Pins
Ziplock Bags (2 Gallon/Gallon/Quart Size)
Large Print Paperback Bible / New Testament
Weekend Food Bag Items
Bottled Water – Sam’s 40pk Case 16.9oz $3.98
Gallon Jugs Water
Loaves of Bread
Peanut Butter (Smooth) / Jelly (Plastic Jar)
Pull Top Canned Food
Individual Pkg Drinks & Juices
Small Pkg Snack Foods
Any Non-Cook Pull Tab Open Food Item
Food Staples for Resource Center Meals
Fresh Fruits
Meats (Chicken, Beef, Ham, Ground Turkey)
Sandwich Meats (Turkey, Chicken, Roast Beef)
Vegetables (Frozen or Fresh Preferred)
Sauces (Spaghetti, Alfredo, Cheese)
White Plastic Forks, Knives, Spoons - f/Sam’s
3 Compartment Foam To-Go Containers
Hoagie Foam To-Go Containers
Sandwich Foam To-Go Containers

Housewares, Furniture, and Appliances

We assist homeless people re-integrating to housing with some basic set-up of their new housing. Text 405.964.5100 to arrange drop-off or pick-up of housewares, furniture, and appliances.

Real Estate

The donation of real estate could be especially helpful to help Grace United Urban Ministries expand it’s network of sober living and transitional living facilities or to develop additional neighborhood Resource Centers to serve area communities.


The donation of running vehicles is helpful to assist the ministry and especially individuals getting re-acclimated to regular society that need transportation to and from employment or low income families attempting to keep established employment.

Amazon Smile

Note: This option doesn't require you to directly send money to Grace United Urban Ministries! Instead, when you buy items on Amazon, they will contribute 0.05%of your purchase to Grace United Urban Ministries. You shop and Amazon gives! To start visit Sign in and choose Grace United Urban Ministries as your charitable organization to receive donations. Remember though, you have to visit the URL above each time you make a purchase for it to apply.

Stocks & Securities

Donors can use their own broker/agent to transfer stock. If the stock has been held long-term (over one year), the donor does not have to pay capital gains tax on the stock and is allowed a tax deduction for the full value of the stock. Donors may also choose to donate stock in order to claim a loss, which may be beneficial for tax circumstances. In either case, the stock must first be transferred to Grace United Urban Ministries before being liquidated. For more information, please consult your financial advisor.

Retirement Gifts

The 2010 Relief Act permits individuals aged 70.5 or older to contribute up to $100,000 from a qualifying retirement account directly to a qualifying charity without recognizing the assets transferred to the charity as income. Please contact your financial advisor for additional information concerning your retirement accounts.

Thank-you for partnering with us. Together, we can change the metro OKC area, one neighborhood, one life at at time!