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Grace Transformation Houses

Our Mission

Bringing homeless or endangered people together in a safe place to do life together as a family and with a support network. Creating an environment where lives can heal and change and be healthy again. A time to go through Radical Life Transformation and prepare to graduate back to regular life again as a success story rather than a hard luck story. Transformation so radical that anyone knowing their before and after would not believe they were the same person.

Grace Transformation House(s)

A ministry of Grace United Urban Ministries

A Grace Transformation House is a place to do life with your house family and the the staff and volunteers of Grace United Urban Ministries. It is a dedicated time to experience what it is like again to have a support network. It is both a place and a time to re-evaluate your life, heal from your past, prove you can live clean, go through a radical life transformation in all areas, and feel what it is like to have acceptance stability.

This is a faith-based total-man program. Your selection is based on our believing you are ready to make a “Radical Life Transformation” and are self motivated to be mentored and coached each day. While a temporary resident of this location, you will live with other housemates and staff in a family living environment. 

Our homes are for transitional living and sober living. If you are not sober and clean, you need to visit with a Case Manager about entering a rehab facility first. You will be expected to participate and engage in all our ministry activities and mentoring opportunities with a positive attitude that every day is an opportunity to grow, change and move towards successful independence. If you are able, you will be expected to find employment after your orientation period and pay small amount of rent and put money into savings for your graduation to independence.

Acceptance requires filling out an application, signing a contract agreeing to the Basic Family House Rules and the Room Guidelines and Rules. You must submit to a background check, although a checkered background does not necessarily disqualify you.

Basic Family House Rules

  1. Your stay at the Grace Transformation House is a voluntary commitment you make to us to come and participate with the goal of experiencing radical life transformation aimed at re-integrating you into normal regular life again. You may be moved, upon acceptance to another shelter or sober living type facility depending on your time here.
  2. This is a faith based, whole man program. You agree to continue to work on your mind, emotions, physical body and your relationship with your heavenly Father.
  3. All Grace Transformation Houses are drug free houses. It is a place for you to finish detoxing from all your addictions, discover the trap, find the root, and bring all the lies of identity and motivation out into the open. You agree to submit to weekly and random drug and alcohol testing. Failure to submit to a test is automatic dismissal. Failing a test is usually dismissal.
  4. All Grace Transformation Houses are pet free. Being found with a pet will be automatic dismissal.
  5. This is a time to heal from every past abuse, trauma, failure, and setback that keeps you in pain, fear and inability to move forward in freedom and confidence.
  6. It is of the utmost priority that we talk to each other and react to each other with honor and respect. While we understand that hurting people hurt people, it is time to continue learning how to react not out of your pain but through a new identity for yourself as part of your transformation while you are here.
  7. Like any healthy household, we do things together and share the workload of maintaining the house. Your contributions honor the other individuals here and their contributions honor you.
  8. All tenants function together in a Grace Transformation House as a family. As such, squabbles will happen within any family. Part of the transformation is the development of the tools and behaviors to sort out and squelch the squabbles as mature adult family members. Staff will intervene when you can’t work it out on your own, and any decision they make concerning your status is final.
  9. The house functions with a structured system and time schedule. You may not be used to this, but it will quickly become your new normal. Normal house hours are 7-7:30 am wake-up, 10:30 pm quiet time and 11:00 pm lights out. Obviously, adjustments are made for work schedules.
  10. A culture of honor and respect leads us to a place where foul language is not necessary. There are certain words that are not acceptable here at any time.
  11. Prescriptions (including medical marijuana cards) need to be noted on your Case Management Interview and the appropriate safety precautions will be advised. Medical marijuana is accepted and allowed in rare circumstances and on a case-by-case basis. 
  12. No visitors without prior staff approval. Leaving the house requires a pass based on destination, purpose, who you are with and approximate time of return. This is part of family accountability.
  13. Participation is required for Sunday AM church and RLT meetings and expected for all other meetings and group projects.
  14. The basics are this, use common sense and your manners, follow directions, and give your best each day. If you have any questions, just ask. 

Room Guidelines and Rules

  1. Initially, you come to Grace Transformation House to live for free, enabling you to put all your efforts into the mentoring and training activities for “radical life transformation”. Once you obtain employment or disability income, you will be required to pay a small amount of rent which serves two purposes. One, it helps support the mission of Grace Transformation House and two, it helps you learn to budget and manage your income in preparation for moving to self-sustaining living. You will be required to develop a budget that includes a savings account.
  2. Your room here will be assigned to you. You may be required to have a roommate.
  3. Your room will be kept clean, bed made every morning, commode cleaned each day, sheets washed each week etc.
  4. There will be no food consumed or kept in your assigned room and drinks are allowed only in cups with lids.
  5. No outside guests are allowed to stay the night in Grace Transformation House. In the unlikely event that a guest is allowed to stay the night, they must be pre-approved in advance by Wayne and/or Donna Heins.
  6. Each resident will keep their own individual rooms neat and tidy at all times, while respecting the privacy of the other residents' individual rooms. Common areas such as the living area, kitchen and bathroom will be kept clean, safe, and sanitary at all times. Each resident shall participate in daily, weekly or other scheduled household chores.
  7. All grocery items are considered communal items. Exceptions for dietary restrictions will be marked by name. Personal care items should be stored in each resident’s room. Cleaning supplies should be kept only in designated storage areas.
  8. No holes shall be made in any walls, doors or floors. No improvements nor repairs shall be made by residents. Damages or needed repairs should be logged at the front desk. Damage to the facility due to fights, outbursts of anger, etc. will most likely result in immediate expulsion from the program. In some cases, as warranted, charges will be filed with the County Sheriff's department.
  9. This is a NO Pets property, meaning no pets to be kept indoors or outdoors.
  10. This property is an illegal drug and illegal or misused over-the-counter drug and alcohol-free zone. There is NO smoking allowed in the house or the street side of the facility. There are designated smoking areas in the back yard for those who have not yet conquered their smoking addiction. The goal is freedom from all addictions.
  11. Annual and semi-annual cleaning responsibilities will be announced and assigned.
  12. Violation of any of the rules or guidelines for the Grace Transformation House may cause you to lose your privilege to continue in this program. We want you to succeed, grow, mature, develop and eventually move-on. Your participation in Grace Transformation House will be reviewed with you on a weekly basis.
  13. This list is not exhaustive, other applicable rules will be communicated as necessary.
  14. Every part of society has rules and guidelines for you to follow. Your time with us is no exception. Your inability or refusal to follow the guidelines and rules of Grace Transformation House will cause you to forfeit your living arrangements and particiaptaion with Grace Transformation House and you will be required to vacate the premises immediately and peaceably. Your participation and success in a Grace Transformation House and in the Radical Life Training and Mentoring Program will be evaluated weekly and monthly.

To apply to live in a Grace Transformation House click here.